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Hangzhou Xinqing Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is located by the beautiful Fuchun River, in Bashan village, Fuchun street, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, between Hangzhou West Lake and Qiandao Lake, a national scenic spot, with developed economy and convenient transportation.

Hangzhou Xinqing Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in gas purification, separation and mixing. It has its own R & D center and has passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification. The company always insists on taking science and technology as the driving force, taking the diversified and large-scale development road, boldly innovating and forging ahead.

The main products of the company are: oxygen generator, nitrogen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, oxygen filling bottle, large oxygen generator, small nitrogen generator, industrial oxygen generator, filter, controller, etc. The company has established a complete operation system at home and abroad to ensure product quality and improve after-sales service.

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    Technology exhibition industry

    With industry-leading professional technology

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    Service tenet

    Adhere to the principle of "taking science and technology as the guide, taking market as the guide, seeking development by quality, taking talents as the foundation, creating benefits through management"

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    Development goals

    Take integrity and quality as the purpose, and take humanization, diversification and scale as the development goal

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    after-sale service

    Arrive at the customer's site within 24 hours. Do the same before and after sales.



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Address: no.81-1, Bashan Wenzhou factory, Fuyang District, Hangzhou
Email: xinqing@hzxqqt.com 


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