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Equipment warranty


1) The supplier provides warranty service for the demander, except for vulnerable parts.


2) Besides the warranty period, the supplier shall provide lifelong paid service for the equipment

On site service

After training, the operators should meet the following requirements:

*The operator can operate the equipment skillfully after training;

*After training, the maintenance personnel can master the daily maintenance and repair work of the equipment

technical support

The supplier can provide technical support and maintenance service to the buyer at any time during the lifetime use of the equipment


User return visit

1) The supplier shall pay a return visit to the user at least once a year;

2) During the follow-up visit, check the operation status of the equipment, provide reasonable suggestions for users in use, and remind users to replace the vulnerable parts in time

Service response

*After receiving the telex or telephone call from the user, our company will give a reply within 1 hour, and within 24-72 hours, we can reach any user's site in the country for equipment maintenance.

Other services


1) . establish computer user files to assist users in equipment management;

2) Remind users to replace wearing parts regularly, check equipment and precautions during use;

3) Conduct regular product use tracking service investigation;


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